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About V8

Who We Are

V8 Service Solutions has emerged as a premier agency offering outsourced services, with a focus on Project Management, Online Business Management, and Virtual Assistance.


Early in our inception, V8 was contracted by SalesStream, the leading producer of sales training, sales stream software, business marketing & sales coaching, and complete done-with-you business growth systems. Understanding the key benefits of outsourcing, SalesStream turned to  V8 Service Solutions for virtual assistance services as well as online business management. 

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Like all industry leaders, SalesStream recognized the importance of developing a powerful team that keeps operations running smoothly, while developing new and unique systems and processes that will ensure future sustainable growth. 


Quickly recognizing the value that V8 Service Solutions brought to SalesStream, we formed an exclusive arrangement that would make SalesStream the only client that V8 would serve. This allowed SalesStream to rely upon dedicated private services without having to share V8's small team with other clients. 


V8 was continuously sought out by other businesses that wanted to outsource to a highly adept US virtual agency which could produce high-level work without the hassle of hiring employees - but according to our relationship with SalesStream, we unfortunately had to turn them away. 

Realizing this, SalesStream offered to revise our relationship, becoming an equity partner of V8 Service Solutions, opening V8 services to the public business community.


Through this new arrangement, we are able to offer even more service solutions to more industries, without compromising any quality of service. In fact, sharing SalesStream's resources allow us to offer better service than ever before.

Today, V8 Service Solutions remains a boutique virtual assistance agency, allowing us to keep that smaller individualized feel that our clients appreciate - knowing their service provider or management team by name, and not having to deal with a faceless corporation or hire and train employees.

To keep that personlized vibe in tact, V8 remains committed to being selective regarding the clients and projects that we take on. If we feel that implementation of a project or service would be more of a liability than an asset, distracting the company from other projects, we respectfully decline the prospect's offer to contract with us. Our "perfect fit" committment ensures that our clients have the highest likelihood of getting exactly the relationship-based service they want, knowing that we can grow together, fulfilling various needs well into the future.

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Let's discuss your needs to see if working together might be the best decision you've ever made for your business.

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